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Message from the Founder & CEO

Business relations are established and strengthened on the basis of mutual trust and respect between people. Delivering value and providing unbiased advice is how we move forward. Delivered to the people we engage and work with to help them achieve their goals and ambitions. These are the core principles we stand by at CyberStash.

We want to work with organizations who seek to fundamentally shift how they build and manage their information security practice to manage risks as they transform their business to compete with newworld challenges. Information Technology has proven to be an innovation engine that creates exceptional economic opportunities. This is more relevant today than ever before as organizations increasingly conduct more of their business activity online and in the cloud and are faced with competition that’s empowered by the growth of cyberspace and globalization. As digital transformation capitalizes on innovative solutions, information security and security governance must empower the enterprise and its core business mission through risk and resource optimization, benefits realization, strategic business alignment and value delivery.

At CyberStash, we have designed and advanced our services in order to shift the market focus towards a robust security practice. Our mission was to develop services that increasingly returned value to other organizations. It was important for us that our clients invested only in security services that progressively matured to maintain their relevance. Moreover, we made certain that the CyberStash core principles were driven by client needs, leading frameworks and value creation.

I encourage you to take a closer look at CyberStash.

Loris Minassian (Founder & CEO)

What we believe

We believe that a well-established, well-monitored, well-governed security practice will stand the test of time. We believe that these practices must have at their core a purpose to continuously improve. This is fundamental as cyber threats and the ingenuity of the human adversaries behind them are constantly evolving. Combinations of tactics, tools and procedures are increasingly being mechanized by adversaries to overcome even the most advanced security technologies. This has resulted in a position where it’s simply not enough to deliberate on how technology is to defend an organization. Security budgets must be better spent. We must begin to invest only in security services that evolve to maintain their relevance because this is the only sure way they can continue to deliver value.

Our collective challenge is that we are faced with an overwhelming amount of information relating to cyber security. Unfortunately, when we look closely, we find that many solutions can only deliver a single outcome and in fact, increasingly cost us more to support and maintain. Too much of the industry focus is on detecting and protecting against sophisticated threats, whereas, in fact, what we should be trying to do is understand what value a particular control or service has at risk. This requires a 360-degree view of risks and a holistic methodology to protect, detect and respond to threats. A post-breach detection-and response strategy is also required to minimize business impact and provide business stakeholders with the security assurance they deserve. Governing these core security capabilities is what will then set the winners apart from everyone else.

CyberStash differentiates itself by focusing on helping organizations establish a robust security practice that is measurable and setup to continuously improve. With the aim of delivering on the organizations information security mission, CyberStash takes a functional approach and focuses on the underlying processes supporting the security program and how these need to be managed in order to effectively operationalize the intended objectives.

Our Value Position

The CyberStash primary value position is to deliver information security services and enable clients to set up Security Operations Centres and security practices that support their business mission. This approach utilizes Security Maturity Assessments to identify gaps and then to position improvement programs to effectively address them. CyberStash helps organizations to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure success towards the program objectives and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) that monitor risk levels.

Business executives review performance metrics as a measure of progress towards achieving the organization’s strategic objectives. Driven by the underlying program of work, an accurately performing metric, should progressively demonstrate business value as it reaches its intended objective. Consequently, in addition to process improvements, a security service and program of work, must be measured by performance metrics that demonstrate business value.

CyberStash is proud to be playing a leading role in getting the industry to accurately measure business value when delivering its services. CyberStash leads the niche market because its services are business led and process driven. The service and technology pillars are complementary components that support the business mission. Technology is only valuable when appropriately used within an overarching process leveraged by the security practice. That’s why we predominantly take a top-down view when assessing and mitigating risk. We have filled the market need in developing and operationalizing information security practices and enabling organizations to leverage these for their day-to-day operations.

Organizations leveraging even the most advanced technologies are unable to capitalize on their investment because their focus is on technology and not the higher-level process which the technology supports. Furthermore, many organizations, while having skilled personnel, do not have the experience to effectively build and run security operational processes, resulting in sub-optimal outcomes. CyberStash enables organizations to stand on their own, co-manage or completely outsource their security practice with an overarching governance framework that delivers on the mission promise.

Our Culture

At CyberStash, we believe that CULTURE is something that continuously gives purpose to a group of people who share a common HISTORY and are WORKING together to ensure a better FUTURE. It establishes rituals and allows shared values to spring to life. It is self-nourishing and self-regulating, with the purpose of establishing healthy, fun and fair working conditions for the whole group. It speaks to core ideas that not only stand the test of time but also change organically and evolve naturally.

At CyberStash, you will be responsible for what you do, what you say and how you treat others. You will be respectful and be respected. You will come up with ideas that are heard, challenged, used and appreciated. You will work hard and work smart. You will deliver outcomes that you and everyone else in the team will be proud of. You will enjoy your time, learn, create and teach. When you need help, the team will be there to support you. When you’re ahead, the team will be there to cheer you on. Most importantly, you will be part of an awesome team that drives its own destiny, celebrates together and loves to win.

Loris Minassian

Founder and CEO

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