A New Adversarial Target

An organization’s supply chain defines how goods are transported from point of manufacture to point of sale. Numerous risks that exist in every supply chain must be understood and managed in order to avoid business impact. Threat actors are increasingly attacking supply chains using cyberattacks as a means of compromising organizations.

Apart from helping organizations to map out their supply chain processes, CyberStash also discovers new risks to resources which the supply chain depends on and recommends controls that would mitigate these risks to an acceptable level.

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To protect information as it is generated, used and communicated throughout the supply chain process, there needs to be a focus on critical data mapping. The predictability of the information flow supporting the supply chain helps mitigate risks that both impact business processes and introduce unwanted costs. It is equally necessary to manage information-related supply chain risks that apply to supplier relationships and service delivery from external suppliers.

An effective approach to supply chain risk management involves the systematic assessment and treatment of all potential risks across the entire operation, including IT-related risks. It is, therefore, necessary for organizations to discover the threats and vulnerabilities facing critical data used in supply chains so that they are able to manage risks appropriately. This is particularly important today when Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and other adversaries are increasingly targeting threat vectors that are the easiest to compromise. The integrity, availability, and confidentiality of supply-chain-critical data needs to be appreciated and protected. Additionally, the ability to detect whether any one of these three pillars of information security has been compromised is equally important.

Furthermore, as part of an overarching governance program, the overall success of security practices to protect critical information used by the supply chain must be measured and continuously improved to establish security resilience for your business.


The CyberStash Supply Chain Security Service provides an end-to-end outcome for organizations seeking to understand and control unacceptable risks to their supply chain.

Reduces Supply Chain Business Risk

Reduces Supply Chain Business Risk, thus Increasing Business Resilience
Protects the Organization's Reputation

Protects the Organization's Reputation
Reduces Supply Chain Insurance Premiums

Reduces Supply Chain Insurance Premiums
Identifies Supply Chain Critical Dependencies

Identifies Supply Chain Critical Dependencies
Security Awareness Program

Integrates Supply Chain Security with Existing Security Awareness Program
Instills Confidence in Stakeholders and Investors

Instills Confidence in Stakeholders and Investors


CyberStash takes a tried and trusted approach to Supply Chain Information Security. The CyberStash Supply Chain Information Security Assessment discovers the high-level business processes and assets, maps out the information flows and then identifies the inherent risks to critical data.

This approach focuses on securing the information that actually matters in the day-to-day running of the business.CyberStash ensures that security controls apply firstly to the protection of critical business processes to maximize an organization’s Return on Investment (ROI).

To underpin the program’s success, CyberStash integrates supply chain information security with a security awareness program of the organization and optionally provides security governance with its Enterprise Service Level.

The service also considers how an increase in risk to your supply chain would be detected and, if controls should fail, how an incident would be contained to reduce impact and maintain business continuity.