Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Tap into the dynamic world of Eclipse.XDR, the cutting-edge cyber defense platform revolutionizing protection, detection, threat hunting, and incident response. Access unmatched security capabilities to strengthen your defense strategy. Ready to safeguard your business like never before? Schedule a demo now and experience Eclipse.XDR and the CyberStash Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service in action.

State-of-the-art Cyber Security Platform

Engrained into eclipse.xdr is a defensive threat-intelligence capability that significantly reduces your exposure to cyber-threats, and a threat detection methodology that minimizes the breach dwell-time through periodic forensic-depth compromise assessments. Using automated protection, detection and incident response, eclipse.xdr safeguards your most critical assets and allows you to establish and maintain trust in your IT environment – stopping attacks in their tracks.
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100% Investment

Multiply your organization’s capability to protect, detect, hunt and respond to cyber-attacks while optimizing risk and resources.

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Absolutely Independent

A state-of-the-art XDR platform that does not depend on prior knowledge about an attack to safeguard your business.

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96% Business Impact Reduction

You will establish and maintain trust in your IT environment by detecting breaches missed by existing controls and containing them before they lead to irreversible business impact.

A state-of-the-art cyber defense platform that’s pushing the boundaries of space-time.

Top Priorities of a Cyber Defense Platform

Reduces breach occurrence by significantly minimizing business exposure to sources of threats and optimizes your incident response capability.

Reduces complexity and saves time and resources by optimizing how threat intelligence is collected, enriched, enforced, analyzed, and reported.​

Proactively hunts to detects breached systems across your entire IT environment and eliminates the threat before irreversible business impact.

Establishes and maintains the highest level of trust in your IT environment through positive forensic-depth validation of system changes.

Validates post-breach clean-up to ensure all backdoors, malware and human adversaries are successfully removed from your IT environment.

Detects attacks that are designed to evade protective controls to establish trust in your IT environment.  

Significantly reduces your exposure to sources of cyber-attacks to minimize the likelihood of breach. 

The state-of-the-art cyber defense platform that pushes the boundaries of space and time. 

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The 24/7 cyber defense service that protects, detects, hunts, and responds to cyber-attacks in order to keep your business safe.

The multi-tenant cyber defense platform that helps MSPs defend their client’s against cyber-attacks.

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eclipse.xdr leverages vendor-agnostic threat intelligence data, geofencing and infrastructure-blocking to significantly reduce your exposure to risk from emerging sources of the cyber-attacks responsible for most of today’s breaches, no matter how sophisticated the attack may be.


What’s more, eclipse.xdr runs periodic compromise assessments using completely independent, automated forensic-depth analysis techniques that comb through your fleet of endpoints to detect every digital change that occurs in your environment and assess the level of risk each change poses to your business. And, yes, we also detect In-Memory Living-off-the-Land attacks!


Easy to manage, eclipse.xdr provides automated threat hunting and security orchestration, so no expenses for additional skilled resources. eclipse.xdr also takes continuous response actions to contain threats, or you can simply let CyberStash security experts respond to the task on your behalf.


Receive accurate, timely notifications about threats and validated breaches that your existing security defences simply can’t provide.


Talk to us today about eclipse.xdr and get ahead of the business impact.

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The independent cyber defense platform eclipse.xdr acts as a force multiplier to dramatically reduce an organization’s exposure to cyber-attacks and minimize the likelihood of business impact. 
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