Cyber Security Strategy Development

CyberStash works with organizations to establish a Cyber Security Strategy and a program of work to optimize risk, create value, maintain relevance, optimize resources, and meet stakeholder needs.

Business Context

Faced with the considerable complexities of cyber risk management and the uncertain effectiveness of existing controls, IT and security executives must determine where to focus attention and set priorities. Before making further investment, it is prudent to understand where existing investment has been made in security programs and how this aligns with business objectives for reducing risk. It’s equally important that compliance is achieved against industry and regulatory controls. Developing a Cyber Security Strategy helps to map out the program of work using a 2- or 3-year prioritized plan that accounts for architecture, technology, people, budget, and process dependencies. 

Service Benefits

The CyberStash Cyber Security Strategy Development is delivered as an end-to-end outcome for organizations seeking to clearly understand what security programs are needed to reduce business risk to cyber threats, comply with industry and regulatory standards, and maintain relevance far into the future.

Strategic Alignment
Performance Measurement
Workload and Increase Capacity for Human Resources
Achieve stakeholder needs and program goals
Preserve your security program’s effectiveness
Balance business risks against business rewards
Balance Business
Risks Against Business Rewards
Benefit Realization
Value Creation
Communicate program benefits to key stakeholders
Communicate program benefits to key stakeholders
Create value for security investment by maintaining its longevity

The Process

CyberStash takes a 2-stage process for development the Cyber Security Strategy which includes:

                 Stage 1: Discovery Phase

Stage 1: Discovery Phase

During the Discovery Phase, CyberStash will interview your stakeholders, review existing documentation, conduct gap analysis, and audit your existing security controls to understand the current state of your security program, your risk posture, and the maturity and capabilities of your security practice. 
                           Stage 2: Strategy Phase
Stage 2: Strategy Phase

During the Cyber Strategy Development Phase, CyberStash will produce the following outcomes:

Security Framework

Alignment With Goals & Objectives

Technical Control Strategy 

Alignment With Security Framework

Mapping Objectives To Framework

Program Of Work

Program Dependency Mapping

Program Schedule

Cost Estimation

Budget Prioritisation

Let’s get started

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