Cyber Security Training Just Got Real

The ISACA CYBERSECURITY NEXUS (CSX) Platform is helping shape the future of cyber security through cutting-edge cyber security training and certification programs. The program is for professionals who have the ambition to become leaders in the field of information security and for enterprises who need to establish a cost-effective cyber security training program that helps protect their business against cyber threats.

Building on the strength of ISACA’s globally recognized expertise, CSX provides cyber security professionals and organizations with a smarter way to secure their business and sensitive information.

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With the explosion of the Internet and the rise of digitalization in business, adversaries have new and growing opportunities to compromise organizations. It’s no secret that cybercrime is growing. Across all countries and industries, this has driven a threefold increase in demand for cyber security professionals in recent years. With the global shortage of cyber security experts said to be around two million, and with over half of all organizations taking six months or more to fill cyber security posts, we have a serious problem on our hands. Furthermore, a third of organizations that are breached, experience loss of revenue, all of which makes a convincing business case for organizations to develop and maintain practical in-house skills.

The problem is that lecture-based cyber security training is known to have limited return on investment because it fails to promote the real-world hands-on skills required to combat tomorrow’s cyber threats. Many cyber security courses are between one and five days long and leave the student with only notes to take home. What’s evidently required is a continual cyber security training program, covering all security domains, that teaches students at all levels how to protect business assets, detect adversaries and respond to incidents.

Trainees don’t want to learn the basics and they don’t want to be spoon fed either. They demand focused, up-to-date, lab-based exercises. They want to utilize the skills learnt through the training program to help protect their organization. Executives don’t want to invest in training that doesn’t directly help protect their critical business assets either. They seek validation that their training investment is directly benefiting the organization and optimizing risks through the effective enablement of protective, detective and response capabilities.


CyberStash provides organizations and individuals with demonstrations of the ISACA CYBERSECURITY NEXUS (CSX) Platform and helps them map out their current and strategic Cyber Security Organization Chart.

Organization - Validate technical skills


Managers get a true insight into the abilities of current employees,and hiring managers can test and validate technical skills in potential new hires.

Organization - Training course


Training for a full year for less than the cost of a typical week-long training course.

Organization - Cloud- accessible solution


Organizations get the assurance of a highly skilled staff that can defend against rapidly advancing threats — all in a cost-effective, cloud- accessible solution.

Organization - Progress with an administrator dashboard


Keep track of individual employee and team level performance and progress with an administrator dashboard.

Individual - Maintain essential technical skill levels


Security professionals get the ongoing hands-on training they need to build and maintain essential technical skill levels.

Individual - Minimal technical requirements


Anytime and anywhere training with minimal technical requirements.

Individual - Provides a high return on business investment


Provides a high return on business investment and additionally advances existing defensive controls.

Individual - Hands-on, practical training


Hands-on, practical training in a live and dynamic network environment.


CyberStash is working with ISACA to offer their CYBERSECURITY NEXUS (CSX) Platform because it creates value and benefits both individuals and organizations.

  • Large coverage of all security domains, which is cost effective and an excellent return on investment.

  • Single interface to monitor and drive performance that’s tailored to the specific training and learning requirements of the organization and individual trainees.

  • Addresses the cyber skills shortage by providing real-world hands-on experience through coursework and student labs.

  • We understand that part of the challenge for organizations is knowing what roles and responsibilities they need. That’s why CyberStash can work with your organization and develop a tailored cyber security organization chart. This exercise typically includes the following

  • We review your existing skills and resources

  • We study and document your business architecture, geographic presence and business strategy.

  • We select roles and define responsibilities that support your business and align with industry standards

  • We map available courses for individuals and teams, to enable roles that ultimately help protect your organization.