February 18, 2019 Hacking

The Australian Cybersecurity community is waiting patiently to understand what the impact of the recent hack is on the Australian government and more importantly, on Australians.

The Australian Federal Parliament was hacked. No surprise there. But how quickly did they detect the breach? What was the dwell time? 
State sponsored advanced threats will almost always get past existing defences, that’s the point of being advanced, and when they do, we can’t depend on the same tools at hand to protect or detect the breach because hackers have the same tools we have. That’s how they know how to fly past them, undetected!
CyberStash detects breaches using a set of external tools that are not part of your existing security stack. Serious business impact is avoided by surveying your endpoints at a frequency that’s defined by your risk appetite and hunting for evidence of a breach, before it’s too late.

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